Top 12 Best Subscription Snack Boxes for 2022

Putting together a list of the best subscription snack boxes was a breeze! Who doesn’t love a tasty snack? We do, they’re awesome.

Yes, we know there are some people that say snacking might damage your health.

But, we’d like to point out that Medline Plus drawing from the US National Library of Medicine says that it doesn’t have to be bad for you.

This comes as no surprise to us, we think everyone needs a little energy boost at times and the key to eating well is to ensure that you eat healthy, quality food and not to worry so much about when you eat.

So, with that in mind we found ourselves 12 best snack boxes, on a subscription basis, that are full of healthy ingredients that will sate your appetite, but which won’t harm your body.



There are loads of price point options for this box from $9 to $39.

That’s because you can choose vegan, gluten-free, organic and various sizes of box depending on how much you want to snack on!

The biggest box contains 49 full-sized products! That’s amazing value for money.

You can find Urthbox online here.



We really like Graze’s approach. For $11.99 a month, you get a nice selection of healthy but very tasty snacks each month.

They guarantee no GMOs, no trans fats, no HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) as well as no artificial chemicals for coloring or flavoring.

Oh, and there’s a free trial. You can’t go wrong with that, can you?

You can find Graze online here.

Fit Snack

Fit Snack

Fit Snack recognizes that for some of us working out makes us hungry and their healthy snack box is meant to complement an active lifestyle.

It’s $25.90 a month and represents incredible value when you realize the brands that are represented inside.

However, if you lead a sedentary life – this might have too many calories for your snacks.

You can find FitSnack online here.

Vegan Cuts Snack Box

Vegan Cuts Snack Box

Vegan, dairy and gluten-free is what this subscription snack box is all about.

They send you 7-10 products every month in exchange for their $19.95 and everything is a full-sized product.

In addition to snacks, they also include a “bonus goodie” which can be anything but is always something nice.

You can find the Vegan Cuts Snack Box online here.

Love With Food

Love With Food

At $7.99 a month, which includes a donation made on your behalf that pays for a meal for a hungry American kid, you can’t argue with 8 organic, all-natural snacks, can you?

Well, we can’t. With no gluten, no artificial colors or flavors, no trans fats, no HFCS, no hydrogenated oils, and with an aim to be dairy-free there’s something for everyone inside and it’ll be good for them too!

You can find the Love With Food box online here.

Healthy Me Living

Healthy Me Living

This service is run by a healthy living coach who hand curates every item in the box to deliver the maximum in health benefits.

It’s $26.99 a month but you do get up to 19 full-sized healthy snacks every month for that investment.

We were really impressed by the quality of products in this box.

You can find the Healthy Me Living Box online.

Life Box Food

Life Box Food

We like the packaging and presentation of this box and you get a lot of variety from Life Box Food.

Not only do you get tasty snacks, but they also supply some supplements and healthy drinks to aid the process.

It’s $22.95 a month well spent.

You can find the Life Box Food Box online here.

Healthy Surprise

Healthy Surprise

This is a bumper value box, and you get a ridiculous number of full-sized products each month for your $42.49.

We love when a Healthy Surprise box arrives – the snacks are so tasty that our mouth starts to water just thinking about it.

You can find the Healthy Surprise Box online here.

Green Blender

Green Blender

We think smoothies count as snacks, don’t they?

This box from green blender contains everything you need to make the perfect refreshing smoothie at a moment’s notice.

It works out at $3.90 a serving which is very good value when you consider the superfoods that they’re using as their ingredients.

If you want a snack service with a difference, try Green Blender.

You can find the Green Blender Box online here.



We all know that if you lead a plant-based lifestyle then it can be hard to get the proteins that you need.

Nuts are a great source of protein and Watanut aims to deliver enough nuts to your door every month to keep your body happy.

They offer a wide range of flavors and a nut fan is going to love it when their box arrives.

For $29.95 a month, it’s fantastic value too.

You can find the Watanut Box online here.

Snack Sack

Snack Sack

You can get different sizes of Snack Sack boxes, but the basic subscription starts at $22.67 a month and for that you get up to 15 products.

They offer a choice of vegan, gluten-free, classic and workplace boxes too – so however you like to eat, there’s the perfect Snack Sack box waiting for you.

You can find the Snack Sack Box online at Cratejoy here.

elevate Snack Box

elevate Snack Box

This box is targeted at vegan athletes and vegan body builders.

So, if you’re looking to bulk up and struggling to do it with your standard diet – this is the subscription box for you.

The dairy-free chocolate protein bars that we were sent one month were to die for.

You can find the elevate Snack Box online here

Last Word on Snack Boxes

We don’t know if our picks for the best snack boxes made you hungry, but they certainly made us fantasize about food.

If you enjoyed these snack boxes, you might also appreciate our article on the best food delivery service companies as sometimes we all need to eat in a hurry.

We also think you might enjoy our urban farming and city gardening guide for beginners because the tastiest snacks are the ones you grow yourself! Check them out!

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