7 Food Delivery Service Companies That Do It Right

This has definitely been the year to stay in and… well, stay in.

With 50% of our family on plant-based diets, we’ve been grateful that we started an indoor vertical garden a couple of years ago. There’s no kitchen hack, however, that turns Boston lettuce into pizza.

We’ve been especially thankful for the many food delivery options in our city during these difficult times. Options have definitely improved since World Wide Waiter launched in 1995.

To be sure you get the best food, deals, and service, you’re going to need our list of the best food delivery service companies.



DoorDash is American’s favorite food delivery app and it has over 310,000 restaurants registered and waiting to sell you meals via their service.

It’s pretty easy to get used to the screen though it can feel a bit overwhelming when you first log in.


You can also easily sort your favorite restaurants out by name or by using the food type, the customer average rating, price or even how fast they deliver.

They also have some great offers with no delivery fees from national chains.

We’ve always found their service to be fast and efficient too and most of all, you can rely on DoorDash.

Check out DoorDash here.


GrubHub is the simplest app when it comes to payment for your meal delivery.

It’s just less complicated than any other app to order with.

It’s easy to filter the restaurants by what they sell, how much things cost, how far away they are, and even how much the delivery will cost.


They also add an automatic 25% tip for the delivery driver – which they say goes entirely to the driver.

They support nearly every form of online payment going which is why they make our list – being able to use Google Pay, Apple Pay or PayPal can be a really big deal when you’re hungry.

Check out GrubHub here.


If you want more than restaurant service but instead, you want a personal shopper to head to the supermarket and pick up all your grocery shopping for you – then Instacart might be exactly what you need.

They will allow you to pick and choose your groceries from multiple stores and to get the lowest prices for each item.


This is super convenient and while the delivery fee is not “free”, you can often save enough money by shopping at several different stores that it pays for itself. Instacart is great.

Check out Instacart here.


Postmates has half a million restaurants in its network which is pretty impressive.

Though the delivery charges vary constantly and include a variable percentage rate during certain times of the day to make things even more complicated.


However, the best thing about Postmates is you can get the delivery drive to run errands to your local drugstore on the way to drop things off and that makes this service super cost-effective. They also have an unlimited delivery option for a fixed monthly fee.

Check out Postmates here.


Firstly, you book UberEats with the ride sharing app and you probably already have that installed on your phone.

That means you don’t need to work to get another app installed and up and running, the work’s already been done.


Uber doesn’t have the biggest restaurant network, it’s not the cheapest delivery service but it has two big advantages.

Secondly, it is by far the cheapest of the services in terms of delivery and that can make things a great deal easier on your wallet and in 2021, isn’t everyone feeling some financial strain thanks to the lockdowns?


So, if you’re feeling budget conscious you may want to opt for UberEats.

Check out UberEats here.


Seamless is owned by GrubHub and probably offers a near identical set of choices to their customers as GrubHub.

That’s OK because as we’ve already noted GrubHub’s an excellent choice for a delivery app – what will change between the platforms though is special offers.

So, it’s worth checking the price of a meal on each before your order.


As with Grub Hub, Seamless also accepts the broadest possible range of online payment options and that makes shopping with Seamless, well, seamless.

Check out Seamless here.


We find the choice isn’t quite as broad on Delivery.com as with many of the other apps but it is very cost-effective and delivery charges are quite low.

We also find that they’re in the top level of performers when it comes to getting the food to you once you’ve ordered it and when you’re really hungry, that’s a big deal.


The only thing we don’t like about this app is there’s no real-time tracking function and really this ought to be a no-brainer as all the other apps offer this functionality.

Check out Deliver.com here.

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