Biosensing Tattoos

Knowing what your blood sugar levels are is essential knowledge for anyone having Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. The usual techniques for measuring your blood sugar level are time-consuming and invasive.

Now, a top team of researchers at Harvard and MIT have invented a cool alternative. It’s a biosensing tattoo that changes color depending upon your blood sugar levels. It can be in any shape or size!

Dubbed the DermalAbyss ink it tracks pH levels, sodium and glucose concentrations within your bloodstream. The ink turns brown with too much glucose in the bloodstream. Green, with too much sodium. Purple indicatea a changing pH level.

“The DermalAbyss ink presents a novel approach to biointerfaces in which the body’s surface is rendered as an interactive display,” they say in this promotional video.

“The dynamic ink isn’t directly hooked up to your bloodstream, to be fair; it’s actually monitoring your interstitial fluid, a substance that surrounds the tissue cells of animals. Water, ions and small solutes – including salts, sugars, fatty and amino acids and hormones – are constantly making their way through this fluid across the walls of your capillaries.”

This biosensing tattoo is currently being tested and readied for human trials to ensure safety and efficacy.

“We envision new participation between the biotech companies and skin professionals…in order to embrace the idea of human device symbiosis,” the team says

[Source: CBS News]


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