Natural Organic Bedding & Bed Sheets Brands We Recommend

Natural Organic Bedding & Bed Sheets Brands

If you have a natural or organic mattress then the best decision you can make is to pair it with similarly sustainable organic sheets and bedding.

Choosing the best natural organic bedding that ensures you get a good night’s sleep is an important step in a sustainable lifestyle. (So is getting organic towels for your bathroom so check them out too).

Did you know that you’re going to spend more of your life in bed than doing nearly anything else? After all 8 hours, a day equates to 1/3rd of your life!

Do you want to spend those hours wrapped up in a chemical-ridden sheet or slip into some nice organic cotton sheets, instead? (Certified Organic Cotton mind you, if it’s not GOTS Certified Organic Cotton – it doesn’t count as a set of organic cotton sheets).

Natural Organic Bedding

And if straight cotton’s not your preference then the best organic sheets for you might be organic flannel sheets, there’s always an eco-friendly organic linen choice that makes sense.

So, when you commit to a sustainable lifestyle, it’s really important to commit to sustainable fabrics for your bedding too.

Fortunately, these days there are some super choices for natural organic bedding and bedsheets and these are our top picks of organic bedding brands.


plush beds logo

Plushbeds describes their sheets as being made out of “botanical fibers” which means that they are made from various plant-based products and are these are all organically grown.

They say that this means that their sheets are softer and more luxurious than many other brands and they’re certainly comfy. They don’t offer a stand thread count for these linen sheets but you can be sure that they’re organic sheets built for comfort.

It also means that you are unlikely to be exposed to any hazardous chemicals in their products.

This makes them ideal for use if you have particularly sensitive skin, they’d be our best organic sheets for this purpose in fact.

Their 5-year warranty is pretty good too.

You can find Plushbeds online.

Best Natural Organic Bedding

Luxor Linens

What do we like best about Luxor linens? Their 1,200 thread count organic cotton sheets, of course!

As you’d expect from the name, we’re talking Egyptian organic cotton here and the cotton is fully organic though they also use bamboo fibers to help deliver an end product that is so eco-friendly and soft that you just won’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

The cotton in these best organic sheets uses a type of fiber known as the Extra Long Staple and that means it has a much longer length than the traditional cotton fiber. This increases the impact of the high thread count too.

This fiber is rare and means these sheets are made from the top 3% of the world’s cotton fibers. That’s a serious quality guarantee.

You can find Luxor Linens online.

Grund America

grund organics

This company believes that quality begins with people and not processes and that means that they invest in fair trade certified labor as well as being eco-friendly with their organic sheets.

That means everyone involved gets paid a living wage and a fair price for the output of their labors.

They combine single ply yarn with some long-staple cotton fibers to create bedsheets that should last for many years. We found their flat sheet and duvet cover combination to be irresistible.

They’ve also got plenty of other products to complement their sheets both in and out of the bedroom. They use organic fabrics where possible with those products too.

We like the fact that Grund America has its products certified as organic too.

You can find Grund America online.


orvis bedsheets

We always appreciate it when our investment in something good for the planet does something extra for the world we live in.

That’s Orvis’s big difference, not only do they make super soft bedding that you’re going to absolutely love but they also surrender 5% of their profits to make the world a better place by protecting our natural resources.

You’ll find the cotton flannel material is a very pleasant feel on your skin.

Our only gripe with Orvis is that the largest sheet size they currently cater to is queen-sized.

You can find Orvis online.


Canada’s entry in our list is the amazing Essentia.

They say that their inspiration for their products came from spending time in the world’s best luxury resorts.

The objective is to give you a 5-star experience in the bedroom because you deserve that all the time, not just when you’re on vacation.

They are 100% organic and come in two shades of white.

There’s an underlying commitment to ethical manufacturing as you’d expect, and they are Fair Trade certified.

They also carry the Global Organic Textile Standard certification for their products.

That should help you shop with confidence that your products are guaranteed to be organic.

You can find Essentia online.

Alterra Pure

You can choose between organic cotton sheets or bamboo sheets at Alterra Pure and we’d recommend giving some serious consideration to bamboo – they’re so comfortable and they’re very good for the planet.

They use a fine weave to deliver single-ply yarns up to 310 thread count, that’s not as low as it sounds, and you’ll find that they are pleasantly soft and fine for sensitive skin.

We really like that Alterra Pure offers a money-back guarantee for your first 90 days of ownership. You can’t ask for much more than that.

You can find Alterra Pure online.


joybed sheets

This Michigan-based manufacturer works with both organic cotton (fully certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard) and natural wool.

Not all of their products are 100% organic but many of them are, including their bedsheets which are super soft, and the company has a great commitment to giving back to their local community too.

We feel everyone will feel joy when shopping with Joybed.

You can find Joybed online.

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