Side Businesses That Anyone Can Start With Almost NO CASH Required!

I hear a lot from people who want to make more money but who don’t have any cash to get started with. Yet, there are plenty of businesses that anyone can start and which don’t require a massive cash investment to begin with.

Like these:

Run A Concierge Service

OK, this might not work if you live in a very poor area but where there’s wealth, there are people willing to pay for just about anything. From making dentist’s appointments, to queuing for tickets, to picking up dry-cleaning.

Be a personal assistant to wealthy people; it’s not hard to do and the pay is usually pretty good.

Dog Walking

We’ve looked at dog-walking before but we’ll say it again, there’s a lot of money in taking other people’s pets out for a walk. In fact, you could make 2-3x minimum wage for picking up pooches and taking them to the park. Do this part-time and you’ll stay fitter and healthier and make more money.

Just make sure you know how to handle a dog before you take on the first job.

Association Management

America is full of professional and, indeed, amateur associations. Car clubs, beekeepers unions, train enthusiasts, wherever you look, there’s a group of people getting together to share their expertise and joy in a subject.

That’s an opportunity for paid managers and organizers. Who writes their newsletters, sets up their websites, organizes their get-togethers? Somebody who is making money in their spare time, that’s who.

Decluttering Consultant

This is more than a cleaner, though come to think of it – cleaning is also a job you can get into with fairly low start-up costs. This is about tidying up people’s lives as well as their home.

Get in and help people reorganize everything they own and hoard. Show them how freeing it can be when you finally let go of all the junk in your life and face the future unencumbered.

And most importantly, earn lots of lovely money while you do so. You’ll feel good, they’ll feel good, this may be the most win-win part-time work in history.

Of course, if you’re badly disorganized – this job won’t be for you.

Property Management

Lots of people are investing in property. Many of them are unprepared for a life of supporting tenants with their needs. When they find out how much work can be involved, they want to outsource that work.

If you have a good phone manner and a lot of patience; property management is the perfect fit for your skillset. You need a phone to start this business. If you’re reading this online, you could be earning with other peoples’ property instead. Think about it.

Blogging, Blogging, Blogging…

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again and again until it sticks. Blogging is the easiest way to make money online. All you need is a small investment of money and a sensible one of time. Work from home AND do what you love.

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